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Brain-jammer: CAP sinks

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Topic: Brain-jammer: CAP sinks
Posted By: whaddon
Subject: Brain-jammer: CAP sinks
Date Posted: 03 October 2013 at 12:55pm
Here is the hypothetical:

If every class were to have a CAP sink, what could they be?  Cleric already has God's Boon and MU has Create Scroll (not that it ever gets used).  There are some pretty in-the-box ideas available, such as:

Fighter might be able to make a melee weapon +1 for the rest of the game day for 500gp.

Druid might be able to turn a tree into a healing battery at the cost of 12gp per healing point.

Any more interesting ideas? 

If IFGS could just get rid of the games so it could focus on sustaining its own bureaucracy... we would finally be living the Dream.

Posted By: Malrubius
Date Posted: 03 October 2013 at 1:46pm
Well I figure Thieves could buy additional\more interesting poisons, and maybe even be able to give those poisons to others.

Or...more simple, but...well, you could just give everybody "God's Boon". That is the ability to spend CAP\Gold in game, as needed, to restock SAS. MUs can buy more spell components, to make casting less costly of their spell points. Monks can mediate and tithe and so on.

Unlimited no-shop SAS crystals for all! :D

But that's hardly very interesting at all.

Rangers could spend CAP\Gold for any of their traps, deadfalls, etc. So if they have a chance to prepare their corridor of death they'd still (potentially) have points left to send special arrows down said corridor.

Knights OTOH should just be forced to tithe 10% of their total treasure value at the end of every game. You know, for balance.  ;)

Monks could spend CAP\Gold for any Lore ability. Buying scrolls, paying to speak to sages\oracles, etc.

Just in general making any of the less used informational abilities more viable for in game use because they won't be sucking points you might want to combat\healing later in the day seems like it would be fun, if not super impactful.

Unlimited crystals for everybody! :D

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Posted By: whaddon
Date Posted: 03 October 2013 at 3:48pm
I love some of those ideas.  Poisons!  Nice!

If IFGS could just get rid of the games so it could focus on sustaining its own bureaucracy... we would finally be living the Dream.

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