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Brain-jammer #13 (Forester)

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Topic: Brain-jammer #13 (Forester)
Posted By: whaddon
Subject: Brain-jammer #13 (Forester)
Date Posted: 12 September 2012 at 2:27pm
So this is for a "Commando" or "Melee" Ranger.  The idea is Aragorn, or Dutch (from Predator).  A lone killer who knows the ways of the forest and who isn't Robin Hood.

Pounce (6th).  If the PC has succesfully used Conceal, he can call "Pounce!" and attack a target, doing 4 additional points with a melee attack.
Killing Cut (10th).  If the Ranger could get off a backstab, he can do a Killing Attack on the target.
Prepare Blind (7th):  The Ranger can spend 1 minute preparing an area.  When he uses Conceal or Group Conceal in that are, it is effective at LI +2.
Advanced Ranger Potions (8th):  Using his Herb skills, the Ranger can combine various herbs and roots to make more potent potions:  Athelas + Damiana = Cure poisons, heal 16 points, use Enthrall once.  Athelas + Devil's Weed: Cures poisons, gives 1st level MU spells and 1st level Cleric spells.  Hellebore + Melange: GIves vision of the future, extra damage and one precognitive Dodge Blow. etc.

These all kinda suck.  I hope y'all can do better.

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Posted By: Malrubius
Date Posted: 18 September 2012 at 10:43am
Sry d00d, I just got nuthin'. Besides the easy stuff.

Conceal and\or Group Conceal at +2 LI and\or at half cost.

I like the Backstab\Killing Attack when attacking from a Conceal stuff for sure.

Rangers....meh.  ;)

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Posted By: Malrubius
Date Posted: 18 September 2012 at 10:45am
Or you might give them rapid movement while Concealed. So they can run around behind folks. Tho maybe "only in natural environments" so the Thieves don't get their feelings hurt. ;)

Hobbes: "What kind of nut would *care* about all this?"Calvin: "*EVERYONE!* This is hard data! It lets you quantify your enjoyment!"

Posted By: JeffL
Date Posted: 18 September 2012 at 10:46am
Yeah... you don't want to piss off the thieves... those guys will totally stab you in the back.



Posted By: wader
Date Posted: 18 September 2012 at 8:58pm
Fanged field (8th) the forester can in seconds prepare a area of ground, peppering it a assortment on ill effects, that can either wound, harass, or knockdown a unknowing victim. The Forester can "fang" a  field in or out of combat, as long as he is not interrupted during preparation. The preparation takes 5 seconds, and effects a area 10x10. Even after he "Fangs" a field The Forester can move freely through the area of effect knowing where he put his surprises. When "fanging" a field area the Forester chooses which of the 3 effects he will use, note that a area can be "Fanged" mulitple times as long as a different effect is used, like effects will not stack, so you can only get Pungi damage once.

Fang effects:
         -Pungi step, the Forester salts the ground with hidden sharpen stakes, or large hand made caltops made from old damage dirks, daggers, arrows, bolts, etc.... whatever he has on hand (role players choice). Pungi step has two parts,  The first being When the target walks into the area the Forester calls out " 'X' points  'Y' leg! ", X damage being one point for each level of the Forester, and y being the left or right leg, Foresters choice.  The second effect takes place it the target moves to leave the area of effect, at which point the ranger Calls out the damage and leg again, for every step the target takes until they leave the area of effect.  If the target choose not to move out of the area of effect, they take no more damage but do grow old and die there. Or they can take 5 full mins of uninterrupted searching slowly moving to leave the area.  If they are interrupted during this seach they must begin over.

Rolling Rock- has covered the ground with plume sized round river rocks, or suitable substitute (roleplayers choice) initially when the target moves into the area of effect the Forester will call "knock down!" from any distance. There after while the target remains in the area of effect the ranger may call out "knock down" instead of damage if they hit the target in melee.  The Forester can only use the "melee knockdown" within the normal time contraints.

Shroom sight- The forester has covered the ground with overripe and rotting mushroom that burst in a powdery spray when crushed, Or small fragile paper bombs filled with peper dust, etc (roleplayers choice) When the target enters the area of effect the Forester calls out "blinded! 5 seconds!"  every time the target take another step while in the area of effect the forester may call out blinded for another 5 seconds until the target is out of the area of effect.  

Additional notes, I player must spend 5 full mins searching  for making the components they will use for a  Fanged Field effect. once they have the components they last one game day or until used.  This also  means that if they plan to use all three effects the must spend 5 full mins searching/fashioning for each set of components. 

Only one effect can be called per step.  So even if the Forester has triple Fanged a area, they can only call out one per step,  but do to the duration of blinding a target could still be blinded and hit with the other two if they took another step. 

Note* just want to clarify; the Forester "roleplays" placing the components for 5 full seconds to set up the area of effect.  They don't actually place any kind of prop components or flags down  on the ground in the process, safety first!  (it was late when I wrote this, just wanted to be clear)

Posted By: wader
Date Posted: 20 September 2012 at 12:46pm
Resist 7th the hardiness of the Forester has built up a limited immunity to his chosen enviroment, (role players choic). On reaching 7th level the Forester will pick what element this applies to.  After that the Forester has 1/2 his level in resistance to fire, cold, acid, or electricity.  

Example a 8th level Forester of the swamps would ignore the first 4 points of acid damage he might recieve in a attack. A Forester of the great white north ignores cold, A Forester of the flaming plains fire, A Forester of the Iron mountains electricity.

No magic,  or spell point cost. They are just that tough.

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