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Brain-jammer #4 (Forestlord)

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Topic: Brain-jammer #4 (Forestlord)
Posted By: whaddon
Subject: Brain-jammer #4 (Forestlord)
Date Posted: 16 July 2012 at 9:19pm
Try not to get hung up on the name.  One of the Druid's roles is that of an animal/plant master.  Considering the fact that we cannot generally have extra NPCs for the PCs to use ("Summon Bear"), think about what kinds of powers a Forestlord might use.

Sacred Tree (7th): The Druid invests a tree with power.  The tree must have a green flag tied around it.  Any ally of the Druid can then touch the tree for 5 seconds to heal 6 points of damage.  Each ally may use the tree once.
Bending Bough (6th): The Druid can use a bow and can do projectile damage as if he were a Fighter for one combat.
Repulse Beast (6th): LI.  The Druid can repulse natural animals as per Repulse Good/Evil.

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Posted By: Cedric
Date Posted: 17 July 2012 at 7:43am
I love sacred tree.  Fun ability.  

Overgrowth (8th):  The druid can lay down a strip of cloth (50' long) to create any shape but the ends must connect with each other.  This represents the Druid commanding the plants to grow into an overgrowth where the terrain is impassable unless you are under the effects of at least a Knight's strength I.

Tree Smash (9th):  The druid enchants a tree with the ability to smash his foes.   The druid needs to tie a red ribbon around the tree.  If an enemy comes within 10' of the tree the druid can call out a XX point damage "Tree Smash, XX damage, 5 second knockdown".  He can do this 5 times total.  5 seconds must pass between uses like any normal SAS.

Posted By: Cedric
Date Posted: 17 July 2012 at 7:52am
Bear Strength (6th) - The druid enchants another with the strength of a bear.  The enchanted person gains knight's strength II for the duration and can swing +2 extra damage.  Lasts 5 minutes.

Posted By: whaddon
Date Posted: 17 July 2012 at 9:43am
Any thoughts on anything 10th level or so?

Might of Oaks: +5 to damage to 10 people. (basically an offensive exalt).

If IFGS could just get rid of the games so it could focus on sustaining its own bureaucracy... we would finally be living the Dream.

Posted By: Malrubius
Date Posted: 17 July 2012 at 10:58am
I realize they are high level and all but how often are actual Druids (or, really, anybody) using Elemental in games? Honest question, I've seen the ability for years, like Summon Storm, but don't know if I've seen it used by a real PC. Of course that's Demorall, Willow and Seth's druid (who I won't try to guess the name of, but I'll know it when I hear it) basically I suppose, so poor odds to start with.


Enhanced Clinging Vine at
6th = +2 LI on Clinging Vine (either for free or just allow them to cast at a higher level outgoing for this spell)
8th = Multi-vine, half price Double Effect only for Clinging Vine
10th = Kudzu, Clinging Vine now has a 20ft radius.

So at 10th you can do 80ft of 12th level Clinging Vine with no help from toys.

That's some badass plant mastery right there!

Druids Fork, 6th, cast on an unenchanted arrow causes\allows that arrow to inflict base damage twice when fired. So basically the arrow turns in to two arrows just before impact (Rangers MIRV) and you call damage twice (armor applies to each hit, marginal hits only).

10th, Command the Savage Beast, LI spell allowing the control using voice commands of an effected creature, which must be a non-sentient animal or otherwise specified as effected in game copy. So you can command the occasional non-speaking dragon from time to time. Wink

Healing Circle, 9th, combining Overgrowth and Sacred Tree from above, you get to lay out a 30ft green circle that heals your allies who step\stay\stand within it. For fun you could make it so that the Druid must remain in the circle and make it more like a AoE Regenerate that only lasts as long as the Druid stays standing around.

My Arms are Acidic Tentacles, 10th, the caster gets two 6ft foam pool noodles, ideally green, the noodles inflict 5pts of No-Defense acid damage to any one that touches them. If they maintain contact, without "swinging" the tentacle, they cause an additional 5pts of No Defense damage every 5 seconds. Due to the caster having Cthuloid acidic tentacles for arms they may not cast spells or use weapons or items or anything. Tentacles inflict against allies too obvs.

Or Seeds of the Acidments, No Defense inflicting Seeds of the Elements.

Leaf Wrapping of the Ancients, causes a bunch of freakish plants to grow out of the ground and wrap the target head to toe, giving them either phantom life points against a specific element, or Concealing the target at the LI of the caster for 5 minutes. 2pts of elemental buffer LP protection per level. Ablative hit points. At 10th level you can just use it to create phantom life points for general use. Like a decentralized Resist Pain.

My Arms are Acidic Tentacles is probably the best idea in the history of ever. Stern Smile

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Posted By: Pat McGehearty
Date Posted: 17 July 2012 at 11:17am
Comment about "Elemental" and Druids - under 6.8 rules, the Elemental Druid took no defense damage from it's opposing element. That may have reduced the desire to use the ability. The FRC made major revisions to Elemental, including a name change to "Aspect of the Elements" in hopes of making the ability more PC friendly. The four elements each are have a different emphasis in hopes it would provide more variety and flavor.

Unfortunately, there are extremely few active 9th or 10th level PC Druids in all of IFGS, so we don't have much play test opportunities.

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Posted By: Cedric
Date Posted: 17 July 2012 at 11:28am
Demoral used summon storms this last weekend I think.  :)

Posted By: wader
Date Posted: 17 July 2012 at 7:45pm
Heart of Stone: 9th level, 9sp, only cast on self.  the druids knowledge and intimacy with the natural world and its order creates a sense of place of self that can not me moved or influenced. Effect: After casting the Druid is impervious to any behavior effecting spells or abilities, no matter the LI of effect. duration game day  

Posted By: wader
Date Posted: 17 July 2012 at 7:53pm
Base instinct: 7th level, 7sp, Li, duration 5 mins, the druid may call upon the primitive animal brain of the target, the druid chooses which instinct the effected target is to be consumed by:

Hunger: The target will begin to eat or in the absense of food search for food  to the exclusion of all other activieties.

Fear: The target will be forced to flee, or if unable to flee hide in terror for the duration, it is a fear of  EVERYTHING

Thirst: The target will drink anything that it can find or in the absense of liquid search to the exclusion of all other activities 

We should probably skip the adult themed base instincts I guess, but they would make for a memorable game eh?

Posted By: whaddon
Date Posted: 17 July 2012 at 8:04pm
At least once.  I have never seen Aspect of the Elements used.

If IFGS could just get rid of the games so it could focus on sustaining its own bureaucracy... we would finally be living the Dream.

Posted By: brandon_ifgs
Date Posted: 17 July 2012 at 10:04pm
Tree to Tree - 7th Level - Material Component: White Flag
After casting, the Druid may touch a tree, pull the white flag, move to another tree within 100ft of the original tree, drop the flag.  The Druid has moved from one tree to the other with out passing through the space between.

Brandon Slaten
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Posted By: wader
Date Posted: 18 July 2012 at 4:01am
Tree to Tree Nice Brandon, could it be any large plant? 

Posted By: Bret Halford
Date Posted: 18 July 2012 at 8:57am
Tree to Tree:  Should this have limits similar to Leap regarding shifting into combat?  Can it be used to cross chasms, or only to cross "walkable" terrain?

p.s.:  I'm delighted to be seeing more non-combat abilities proposed!

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Posted By: JeffL
Date Posted: 18 July 2012 at 9:00am
I like Tree to Tree too! I would give it the same restrictions as Speed (put up a flag, and you cannot be interacted with while you move).


Posted By: Seth
Date Posted: 19 July 2012 at 6:58am
Personally I've never used Aspects of the Elements. 

I did use the old Elemental spell now and then, mostly to get the free seeds of the elements that it granted.  When you took that into account, it really only cost 2 spell points, so it was pretty worth it. 

I like a lot of the ideas here. 

I also have characters! They have classes and levels.

Posted By: JeffL
Date Posted: 19 July 2012 at 8:20am
How about a big AOE LI spell...

Grasping Roots (9th): LI spell, affects enemies in a 10' radius (biggest AOE we have in IFGS). The land itself shifts beneath their feet while roots and grasses grasp at their boots. All affected creatures cannot run for the duration of the spell (regardless of where they go). Not running means that each foot must be placed on the ground before the other foot can be lifted.


Posted By: JeffL
Date Posted: 19 July 2012 at 8:22am
Demorral used Summon Storm twice while defending the Forrestal last weekend.

I've never seen Aspect of the Elements used either.


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