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Character Customization

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Society Fantasy Rules Committee
Society Fantasy Rules Committee
William Haddon

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    Posted: 11 November 2013 at 8:48pm
Paxton brought up the question of character customization.  What are some of the ways we can do this?

Specialization:  If all the classes split at 6th level, characters are less likely to be the same.  Still only three choices though.
Multi-classing: Allowing multiclassing means that the likelihood of being different than the other characters is high.
Races:  Some sort of beginner package that lets you customize your character through race.
Add Ons: "Kits".  These are "add on" packages that you could add to your character to give it special SAS and restrictions. They might be special Orders, game-world specific organizations, or things like "berserker", "diviner", or "archer".
Magic Items: This is what we have now.  You basically fill in the "gaps" in your character by buying items.

What else is there?
What excites you?
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IFGS Forum Member
IFGS Forum Member

Jonas Bailey

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I guess I'd be interested in hearing from players who really really want customization what it is they are after (personally and specifically). Lots and lots of ways to do it. But....what's the intent?

Specialization for each class seems like low hanging fruit. Easy to write (well...maybe not "easy", but...) easy to balance, less unintended fallout relative to multi-classing.

Multi-classing seems the most fraught with difficulty. So many things that can go wrong and once it's in the wild, just like items and the rest, nobody will be happy at any attempt to change it one way or the other. Also I think...and this is more a "Why 8.0?" post, but, "multiclassing" is an AD&D concept. More broadly we're after "I'm a Mage who Fights" or a "Knight who heals" (I think) and less after "I'm totes a full Druid who is also a full Fighter who is also a full Thief" type stuff.

Races: So I like races, but, part of what I like about IFGS is the totally free form PC creation. I can be an Elf from Shadowrun. I can be an Elfquest Elf. I can be a typical Tolkien Elf. I can be an Elf of a type I made up. If races are formalized then do I have to pick one to be one? Or can I pick the "Elf" race, but only because I like the bonuses, and then not call myself an Elf in-game? This one seems pretty AD&D-ish too (not a bad thing per se, since IFGS is clearly AD&D inspired) finite races with fixed qualities.

Add-ons: This one I like best. Seems broadest and, most interesting to me, can be tied to in-game chapter oriented stuff. You could just be a Knight, or you can be a Golden Lion (in DB). You could be a Thief...and then join the Thieves Guild...AND join the Black Arrow Mercenaries. Also besides class specialties this one is one that doesn't have to occur at character creation.

Magic Items: Personally I'd love love love to see less Magic Items and more innate-to-the-PC stuff. While 'multi-class via item' is a time honored tradition at this point, flavor wise, it seems not to be a good fit with....I dunno, basically ANY established sci-fi\fantasy genre conventions.
Now that presupposes that IFGS is in part trying to be a, uh, what would you call it, "Fantasy Gaming" group\society or something. But if that's true I can't recall too many cases in genre fiction where the heroes are loaded with 12 healing potions, 5 generators, 25 crystals ("I got a great price on them used!"), and a magic sword, AND a magic ring, AND magic armor, etc, and particularly that those things are REQUIRED to be powerful and effective at a given level.

So I think the more PC customization that be pushed out of Items and in to...anything else, would be A Very Good Thing for customization.

Do you want to be the Blood Forrest Tribe elven diviner and member of the Shadow Circle?
Or do you want to be Bob with Elf with a ring of conceal, and an armband of Battlefever, and a bunch of Foresee toys you bought in a shop?

Similarly if you can 'buy' these things with straight CAP you can get around the weird IFGS artifact that everything costs gold in some form.

Which might even provide a nice balancing action. Just add up total PC CAP expenditures (be that levels, multi-class levels, add-ons, AND magic items (back converted to CAP)) and that's your PC "power" level for game balancing.

Rather than X players at Y level range and Z total levels, you can just say "60,000 points per team" and since every player should know their PCs totals that should be easy enough to figure.  Maybe. ;)

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Kye View Drop Down
IFGS Forum Member
IFGS Forum Member

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I highly favor racial and specialization the most out of these options. Races would have to have a positive and negative tied to them, or we'd have to give standard humans some sort of buff (Racial diplomacy, perhaps?)

Specializations, by far, I like the best. I mean, heck, we've already got one class done. Far easier to balance.

Multiclassing I would be wary of, IFGS was not originally written to support Multiclassing, at least from what I've read...it's doable, but it'll be rough to say the least

Add-Ons could be nice...would they be calculated as game treasure? If not, I would put a limit on how many add-ons one could have...like, maybe half your level? It'll also make the decision of which guild to join
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